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Residents Begin Campaign To Clear Rubble From Village In Hasakah


In the village of Khashkash Jabour, south of Hasakah residents have launched a campaign to remove the rubble of the destroyed buildings in the area.

The village of Khashkash Jabour, located to the south of the city of Hasakah, in the north-eastern regions of Syria, has seen a severe lack of reconstruction projects due to its secluded location. However, the local authorities are now implementing a plan of action to remove the rubble in and around the village. This will then allow for the reconstruction of houses and general infrastructure.

The village is completely destroyed and there is no house left. We have met the demands of the villagers who have asked for the removal of rubble in order to rebuild their homes. We received these requests and started working 10-12 days ago. We have collected the rubble of all the houses and now we are moving it”, said Ommad al-Hatim, an official working in the committee of services. 

The village had been extensively damaged over the course of the civil war in Syria. The continuation of military conflict had prevented the local authorities from taking any action geared towards the reconstruction of the area, however, the recent months of stability have allowed for them to implement the project.

“All these houses were inhabited. During the war, we left the village and when we returned, we only found rubble; the village was completely destroyed and mined. We hope that the competent authorities will assist those displaced people who are living in tents. We also call on humanitarian organizations to come and check the situation”, said Kasir Mohammad, a resident of Khashkhash Jabour.

Various reconstruction projects are being implemented across northern Syria and in Hasakah ever since the liberation of those lands from the hands of ISIS by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), who are still chasing the terrorist group in the Deir ez-Zour Province, where ISIS elements are still present in and around the town of Hajin.

Image: Jorf News