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Syria: Autonomous Administration Works To Restore Electricity Network


As part of the general reconstruction of Raqqa, the Autonomous Administration is working to restore the electricity network in the city.

The city of Raqqa has been undergoing an ongoing reconstruction process since its liberation from the hands of ISIS terrorists  in October 2017. The administration of the city’s affairs has since been taken over by the Raqqa Civil Council and its committee branches. Recently, work has been implemented to restore the electricity network in the city, which had been badly damaged during the ISIS occupation and the ensuing battles of liberation launched by the Syrian Democratic Forces.

” The Energy and Communications Committee of the Raqqa Civil Council has rehabilitated the electricity network. We will then move on to the homes after the damage that was  done and the theft of the cables and poles. We are rehabilitating the electricity network in Raqqa’s Old City and the electricity will reach all homes”, stated a construction worker in Raqqa.

Local residents are already reaping the benefits of the reconstruction works being undertaken by the Raqqa Civil Council.

“When we returned to the city of Raqqa, we found war and destruction. Now, they have lit all the streets of Raqqa, in addition to Basil Street where I live. We hope they light all the streets in Raqqa and that electricity reaches all its homes”, explained a resident of Raqqa.

Several types of reconstruction works have been implemented in the city since its liberation. Aside from the electricity network, these include works on the rehabilitation and improvement of the water system,  the rehabilitation of the telecommunications network, the reconstruction of roads, and also the restoration of monuments and buildings of historical and cultural significance, including the recent restoration of the Great Mosque of Raqqa, which had been damaged during the ISIS occupation of the city. The reconstruction process has also included the clearing of lethal mines left behind by ISIS, which had killed several civilians.