All the Sunni Arab tribes in Kirkuk are united in confronting ISIS

Sunni tribes met in Kirkuk province on Tuesday to reaffirm their commitment to confronting and defeating ISIS, only tens days after an attack on Kirkuk city itself by ISIS militants.

“We are working on bringing stability back to it [the village of Qoshqaya in Kirkuk province], and hopefully its native residents will be back,” said one tribal member. Following their meeting, the tribal leaders implored Iraq’s Prime Minister, Haidar al-Abadi, to liberate Hawija – located just west of the city – from the brutality of ISIS.

Other Sunni tribes across Iraq are coming together in demonstrations of unity against ISIS: Sunni tribes in Basra came together to reject sectarianism, and in Anbar to create a “first council of Anbar tribal fighters” against ISIS.