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Workshop in Sibrata providing psychological support and training to teachers

North Africa

The Department of Psychological Support and Counseling in the Ministry of Education organised a workshop in Sibrata entitled "Our Success Is for You" in order to train teachers and provide them with psychological counseling.

The Ministry of Education in the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) has organised a workshop in the city of Sibrata, a city 70 km from Tripoli, which provides teachers with psychological support and training, ahead of the new academic year.

The city of Sibrata is historically one of the three ancient cities that formed the Roman Tripolis region. As a result, many areas within the city were added into the list of UNESCO Heritage Sites. However, due to the ongoing conflict in the country, the city’s heritage sites were damaged due to poor maintenance and negligence.

Until it was captured by the pro-GNA forces in October 2017, the city was known to be one of the main centres for smuggling African migrants out of Libya and into Europe. Since the GNA’s capture of Sibrata, the city has seen relative stability and a return to normalcy.

To support the role of educators in returning the city to normalcy, the GNA’s Ministry of Education has established this project to help teachers and students overcome the hardships of war. “We are here in the Department of Education Monitoring in Sibrata to start the second phase of the project to establish psychological counseling within the educational institutions in our country,” said an official from the Ministry of Education. “Through this forum and workshop, we are trying to establish the foundations of psychological guidance, which was recently introduced.”

The workshop, which was aptly named “Our Success Is for You,” provided the educators with training on psychological counseling to encourage them to integrate therapeutic and developmental methods into their curricula.

“This national project is important and effective and will directly help to calm things in educational institutions as well as the raising of children properly by learning about their psychological problems,” said one of the attendees.

This initiative is a positive step towards dealing with psychological problems within war-torn countries, as it helps the citizens, especially young children, overcome the harsh realities that they have faced.