Syrian Democratic Forces liberate 264 civilians in Raqqa, kill 29 ISIS fighters

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on Wednesday killed at least 29 ISIS jihadists and freed 264 civilians from the Nazlat Shehadeh neighbourhood, southern Raqqa, the SDF Media Centre reported.

“Among the main tasks of the SDF troops is to maintain the safety of civilians. The SDF factions have therefore opened safe corridors and rescued hundreds of people who had been trapped in Raqqa,” the SDF said.

“In Nazlat Shehadeh, south of the city, a group of civilians tried to reach the points liberated by our forces. However, a landmine planted by ISIS terrorists in the neighbourhood killed a number of civilians and injuring eight others, including two women,” the SDF said.

“Immediately afterwards, the SDF-led Special Forces for the Liberation of Civilians intervened, liberated 264 civilians and transported the wounded to hospitals for treatment, while two of the wounded were reported to be in critical condition,” the SDF said.

Special teams were also able to retrieve the bodies of civilian victims who lost their lives due to mines.

In the meanwhile, heavy clashes continued between the US-backed SDF troops and ISIS militants in Raqqa city.

“The four fronts in the city witnessed heavy battles and clashes today. The fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces made significant progress and killed 29 ISIS terrorists,” the SDF-Media Centre reported.

The Syrian Democratic Forces made a progress in the neighbourhood of Nazlat Shehadeh south of the city, and killed seven ISIS terrorists there, one of them was a sniper.

Furthermore, on the southern side of Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik neighborhood, six ISIS militants were killed in clashes with the SDF. Also, in Al-Barid district northwest of Raqqa, the SDF killed at least five ISIS fighters.

“The SDF inflicted heavy losses on ISIS, destroying a car bomb before it reached its goal, and shot down a reconnaissance drone of ISIS,” the SDF leadership said. “In the Rawda neighborhood – northeast of the city, there were also heavy clashes on Wednesday, where at least seven ISIS terrorists were killed,” the SDF said.

The clashes are still continuing on all fronts in Raqqa city. So far, the SDF has liberated 50 to 55 per cent of the city.

Image: Nuova Resistenza

Article: ARA News