SDF creates female Arab battalion in eastern Syria to fight patriarchy and ISIS

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced on Monday the creation of an Arab women battalion under the name Battalion of Martyr Amara for Arab women, which aims to fight ISIS and protect women’s rights.

“Attacks by extremist terrorist groups in the region have seriously damaged the social structure of the region and women have suffered the most due to this war and the brutal attacks that have devastated the country,” the SDF said, in reference to the ongoing war in Syria.

The group said that a women’s force of Kurdish, Arab and Christian women emerged to resist terrorism in Syria.

“As Arab women, we have suffered from the oppression of society and the oppressive practices and masculine mentality of extremist groups. We took up arms like [Kurdish] Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) and fought for liberation from terrorism,” the newly formed force said in a statement on Monday.

The SDF-led Euphrates Wrath campaign has the primary aim to liberate women, according to the battalion’s leadership.

“After our numbers increased and our organization grew, we saw it would be better to form a military battalion within the Syrian Democratic Forces, for women. The Battalion of Martyr Amara for Arab women is the first group of Arab women that is fighting in the Deir ez-Zor province [easter Syria],” it said.

“We are confident that this will be the beginning of the formation of women’s battalions in all areas in Syria to fight terrorism and strive for the liberation of women and society, and build a system based on democracy, justice and freedom,” the group said.

Image: ARA News

Article: ARA News