SARA - A Syrian organisation that helps women confronting violence

The organisation SARA, known formally as SARA Organisation to combat violence against women, helps women who are suffering from all levels and types of violence. This includes societal, physical and economic violence. The goal is to attain equality between the sexes where both men and women share roles.

SARA operates in northern Syria in the semi-autonomous zone of Rojava, which is administered in the main by the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD).

The organisation recognises that gender inequality is ingrained into social structures and emerged as a result of hundreds of years of accumulated practises. This is further important in a highly patriarchal region, where men and women have fixed roles.

Yet, the organisation is realistic that overcoming these structures and systems will take years, not just days or weeks.

As part of their program, SARA undertakes two major initiatives. The first is to spread awareness among women, which includes ensuring that women know their rights and history. Second, the organisation pushes for the enacting of laws, specifically for women.

These two initiatives should contribute to protecting women’s rights and combat violence against them in Rojava.

“As a result, combating this violence is important so that we can help women gain self-confidence so that they can contribute to developing society and can play their role in being women, mothers and females in this society,” said a member of SARA. “Society can not stand unless both sexes cooperate, the male and female living together in equality and cooperation, [in a society] where both [sexes] are equal and share roles.”