Rojava receives more Iraqi refugees amidst increasing violence in Mosul

Hundreds of displaced Iraqi civilians from Mosul on Tuesday crossed the border into Syria’s Kurdish region [Rojava] after fleeing ongoing fighting between Iraqi forces and Islamic Stat’s (ISIS) militants, local sources reported.

Most of the newcomers were sheltered in the al-Hawl Camp in Hasakah Governorate.

“A new batch of Iraqi refugees arrived to Rojava on Tuesday, seeking a safe haven after fleeing intensifying violence in Mosul City,” Berivan Hussein, a member of the Hawl Camp administration, told ARA News.

“114 new families crossed the border into Rojava today. In total, 504 civilians were received in the al-Hawl Camp,” she said. “We provided them with food and shelter.”

Rojava has received over 15,000 Iraqi refugees since the US-backed Iraqi forces launched a major anti-ISIS campaign in Mosul on October 17.

The Kurdish-led Self-Administration of Rojava confirmed that its local committees in Hasakah have provided thousands of Iraqi families with shelter.

In November, Northern Syria – Rojava asked the UN to provide short-term assistance to help those fleeing from the Islamic State. The de facto autonomous region also charged its local committees with assisting the civilians who reached Hasakah.

While their intentions were altruistic, Rojavan authorities struggled to care for the massive influx of refugees from Mosul city and internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor Governorates.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) delivered humanitarian aid to al-Hawl Camp on 5 December. The sprawling encampment shelters civilians who have crossed into Northern Syria – Rojava.

“The UNHCR has delivered life-saving assistance to al-Hawl Camp, which included winter supplies. The aid was distributed by the UN Refugee Agency in cooperation with the camp’s [staff],” a camp administrator told ARA News.

“This aid was urgently needed as winter bites and Iraqi refugees continue to cross the border, heading to Rojava after escaping war-torn Nineveh Governorate.”

Image: Azadi Rojava

Article: ARA News