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Railways Rehabilitated between Baiji and other provinces in Iraq


After previous work was sabotaged by ISIS, the maintenance and rehabilitation of the railway line linking Baiji refinery with Baghdad is complete, with plans to extend it to Iraq's borders.

Engineers and technical staff working for Iraq’s Ministry of Transport have finally completed a maintenance and rehabilitation project for the railway line linking the Baiji refinery with Baghdad and the country’s southern provinces. This development comes after their work had been sabotaged by ISIS on a previous occasion, with the Minister of Transport, Abdullah Luaibi, confirming that the work will extend to incorporate the maintenance of railways linking Iraq with its neighbours. Luaibi also stressed the importance of this move in revitalising the city and its numerous factories.

In Luaibi’s speech, he explained that the railways will extend north and south for the purpose of regenerating the cities along its route, either through the transport of goods or the transport of passengers. He also described this as the first of many steps to come.

“Today, the railway reached Baiji and tomorrow it will reach Diyala, and then Mosul, and then the Turkish border. The railway will reach neighbouring countries to link Iraq with Europe”, stated Luaibi. 

As far as this segment of the project is concerned, the Baiji to Baghdad line will serve as a strategic line to transport oil derivatives and support the national economy. The rehabilitation project took 20 days to complete, according to one official, who claims that the refinery’s products can now reach neighbouring provinces with greater efficiency and at higher speeds than before. In the next phase, it is hoped that the railway will reach Mosul to return life back to the northern region, before continuing to Syria.

As infrastructural reconstruction in Iraq gathers pace, the Ministry of Planning and the United Nations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Thursday to establish the Iraq Reconstruction and Recovery Trust Fund in support of the Government’s Recovery and Development Framework. The MoU falls in the framework of cooperation, and is aligned with the Iraqi Government’s commitments under the provisions of the Kuwait Conference in 2018.