Migration Ministry Says 376 Refugees Return To Iraq From Syria

Middle East

On Monday, Ali Abbas, the assistant general-director at the Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement, said that over 376 Iraqis, who have been displaced to Syria due to the fighting against ISIS, have returned to Iraq.

As many as 376 Iraqis displaced to Syria in fighting against Islamic State (ISIS) have returned to Iraq, the ministry of migration and displacement said on Monday (September 17).

The refugees had settled in al-Hol camp in the Syrian province of Hasakah, but have now moved to the Jadaa camp in the southern part of Nineveh, said Ali Abbas, the assistant general-director at the Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement.

“The refugees returned after a security audit at the FAO border point between Iraq and Syria,” he added in a statement.

The refugees left their homes after ISIS militants overran large swathes of Iraq in 2014.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported earlier this month that there are 4,100,000 displaced people inside Iraq, with a total of 1,700,000 people living in what were intended to be temporary camps.

On September 6, Iraqi Minister of Migration and Displacement Darbaz Mohammed said 60 percent of IDPs have returned to their homes after those areas were liberated from the Islamic State (ISIS) militants.

More than two million IDPs, or 40 percent of the total who were displaced, have not yet been able to return because of ongoing security concerns or because their homes were destroyed in the fighting, he added.

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