Raqqa: US-backed SDF launch radio station to assist civilians escape from ISIS

Raqqa – The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have launched a radio station in Raqqa named Sawt QSD [or Voice of SDF]. The station is aimed to provide civilians in Raqqa with information about the SDF-led military operations against ISIS in Raqqa, as well as the safe zones secured by the SDF forces.

According to the SDF, one of the main objectives of the newly launched radio station is to deliver information to the people trapped in Raqqa about safe routes towards SDF-held areas.

The station also aims to send a message to ISIS militants who want to surrender to the Syrian Democratic Forces.

This comes amid continued operations by the SDF against ISIS in Raqqa Governorate, where the Kurdish-led SDF forces have recently captured major parts of the northwestern countryside.

The Voice of SDF radio station is being broadcasted on the frequency FM 106.7, and it reaches over 50km2. This enables to station to reach the people in the heart of Raqqa city, the de facto capital of the ISIS self-proclaimed Caliphate.

Ahmed Muhammad, Chief of SDF Media Office, told ARA News: “By launching this radio station [Voice of SDF], we aim to send three main messages to the city of Raqqa. First of all, to provide the people of Raqqa with information about the military developments and safe routes to leave the war-ton city, especially that ISIS has banned all media outlets from reaching Raqqa. Besides, raising the morale of the people of Raqqa and give them some hope.”

“The station is also aimed to deliver information about the developments at different fronts to our [SDF] fighters, Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen,” Muhammad said. “Furthermore, the radio broadcasts music to raise the morale of our forces in their fight against ISIS terrorists.”

The radio station has been able since its launch last week to secure the evacuation of hundreds of civilians from the besieged city towards SDF-controlled areas in the countryside.

Image: ARA News

Article: ARA News