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Raqqa Civil Council Provides Education To People With Special Needs


The Raqqa Civil Council is providing the means for people with special needs to have the same access to education as everybody else.

The Raqqa Civil Council is supporting the Centre for the Education and Rehabilitation of Deaf, Mute and Blind Children in an initiative to give them catered access to education. 20 trainees, divided into two groups, one for the deaf, the other for the blind, have been chosen as a testing ground for staff at the centre to implement the educational principles set out by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.

A key element of the training includes teaching Braille to blind children. Braille represents a method of reading used by blind people to read books and signs. It has proved to be a successful tool for educating blind children and integrating them into society.

Other staff have also been trained in sign language, which is being used to communicate with deaf children.

“The course mainly works to enable the staff to learn both the sign and Braille languages. The staff were carefully selected according to the criteria followed globally after competitions conducted according to the principles used in the Autonomous Administration”, noted Isa al-Sheikh, a member of the Committee of Social Affairs and Labour within the Raqqa Civil Council.

The liberation of Raqqa city from the hands of ISIS in October 2017 has paved the way for the incoming political authorities to enact measures that overturn the marginalisation experienced by certain sectors of society in the region.

Aside from children with special needs, other people who have till now been given little opportunity to flourish in the public sphere have seen the opening of possibilities.

Women, for instance, have been guaranteed leadership positions within the political structure of the Autonomous Administration. A Women’s Committee has been overseeing women’s affairs in the region and several workshops have been dedicated to women’s empowerment.

The social rehabilitation of the city has been taking place in tandem with its physical reconstruction.