Heavy rain exacerbates the suffering of IDPs in Mosul

The humanitarian situation in Mosul worsens as internally displaced persons (IDPs) are hit by heavy rain, resulting in “tragic” living conditions.

Camps erected quickly to cater for the dramatic rise of people fleeing ISIS control often lack durable tents and adequate drainage systems. After heavy rains, stagnant water poses a problem for those living in the camps, making mobility a significant problem. Residents of the camps also struggle to remove water that has entered their tents.

“We are flooded,” said one man. “I cannot walk in the mud. I cannot use my walking stick. I cannot even go from the door of the tent to the main entrance.”

Some in Mosul have decided to return to their homes, rather than endure the difficult living conditions in temporary camps. However, this option is not available to all displaced people, as they wait for their neighborhoods to be rendered safe to return by Iraqi forces.