Protests against Syrian regime and HTS held in Idlib

Hundreds gathered in the town of Saraqeb, east of Idlib to demonstrate against the Syrian regime and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). 

Hundreds of civilians demonstrated on Sunday in Saraqeb, east of Idlib, demanding the downfall of the Syrian regime and HTS, which controls much of Idlib.
The demonstrators chanted against the Syrian regime and her ally Russia whose military operations in the province, have led to the deaths of hundreds of civilians.

They also chanted slogans against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliate, and its leader called Abu Mohammed al-Golani, demanding that the organization and all its members leave the city.

The demonstrators raised the banners supporting the Syrian revolution, and demanded the international community intervene to protect the city.

The regime forces recently launched a military campaign that took control of the whole of the northern countryside of Hama, and many cities and towns south of Idlib, notably Khan Sheikhoun.

Residents of Idlib fear that the regime forces will continue their offensive towards the city of Maarat al-Nu’man and Saraqeb, east of Idlib, which many warn will lead to a humanitarian catastrophe.

Image: Twitter

Article: The New Arab