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Aysh al-Kareem Project to Provide Cheaper Living for Northern Syrians


Houses are being built for northern Syrians who have been displaced from their homes using cost-effective and affordable methods.

The Aysh al-Kareem Project is being undertaken in the northern Syrian city of al-Bab, which is currently under the military and political control of the Syrian Opposition. Thousands of internally displaced Syrians continue to live in deplorable conditions in IDP camps in the north of region and so their housing is a matter of great concern.

The Medad Foundation, with the support of the Qatar Red Crescent and in cooperation with the Professional Institute of Architecture, are implementing the Aysh al-Kareem Project in the city of al-Bab. The teams working on the project aim to improve living conditions in the region.

“Our goal is for students to learn to build their own homes with their own hands as the cost of these houses is cheaper and much better than the tents they live in. We are trying to enable them to change their living conditions, which are not suitable for the Syrian people after 8 years of suffering”, noted Towfiq al-Hubous, a trainer working on the Aysh al-Kareem Project.

The teams working on the building aspect of the project have experimented with different materials and construction techniques to find the optimal mix that would contribute to cost-effective housing.

“We created blocks from the natural raw materials found in the al-Bab area. We use limestone sand, which is available in abundance, and we have achieved great results. These stones have high resistance ability and they are better than concrete blocks”, remarked Muhammad al-Amin, who leads the experimental laboratory for the Aysh al-Kareem Project.

Al-Bab was formerly under the rule of ISIS during the height of the terrorist group’s power until the city was taken by the then Free Syrian Army (FSA), backed by the Turkey. It has experienced relative stability since 2017. The city has since been under the administration of Syrian Opposition forces and has received support from Turkey and also Qatar.