Photo exhibition in northern Syria depicting the war against ISIS


The photo exhibition depicting the war against ISIS took place in the town of Derik, on the border with Turkey in Hasakah Province, Syria.

Activists in northern Syrian have set up a photo exhibition attempting to show the world their lives under ISIS reign of terror. The Sopdaren Roje Centre, the organisation behind this art exhibition have gathered more than 100 photos depicting the lives of soldiers, fighters, women fighters, photographers’ innovations, as well as stories of the war that has raged in the country for the last seven years. The majority of the photos were taken from cities in northern and eastern Syria.

Pictures and images can often be the most effective way to tell a story. With photos, the viewer can immerse itself into how life was under ISIS. The purpose of the photo exhibition was also to shed light on the resistance to ISIS’ rule in Kobani and Afrin and other cities in northern and eastern Syria. “This exhibition revived the resistance in our minds and hearts. We hope that such exhibitions will be held for our children in the future in order to show the resistance shown through these pictures,” said one visitor.

According to the organisers, this photo exhibition has been taking place in a number of cities across the country and will continue to be held in the coming few months.

Since the liberation of most of Syria and all of Iraq from ISIS rule, those who have lived under the terrorist group’s rule have used art to both shed light on the group’s crimes and to encourage co-existence in ISIS’ aftermath. Artists across the region are also taking advantage of the freedom they have regained to express themselves artistically after being banned by the group for years.

Art is an effective tool to raise awareness and counter the extremist propaganda spewed by groups such as ISIS. It is for this reason that so many artists are taking advantage of the talents and skills they possess to tell the world their story.