Peshmerga Thwart Multiple ISIS Attacks In Tuz Khurmatu

Peshmerga forces foiled multiple attacks by Islamic State (ISIS) militants in Tuz Khurmatu on Thursday (May 18), the second such attack on the area’s frontlines this week.

Peshmerga commander Sherko Hama Amin told NRT that ISIS militants attacked the Peshmerga forces on several axes at 02:30 a.m. on Thursday.

The commander added that the ISIS militants used car bombs and light weapons in the attack. The Kurdish forces thwarted the attack following clashes between the militants and the Peshmerga, he continued.

“Two Peshmerga were martyred and 15 others were wounded,” the commander added.

According to the Kurdish commander, ISIS militants also placed improvised explosive devices (IEDs) northwest of the frontlines in an area currently under the control of the Iraqi army and Hashid al-Shaabi. The IEDs blew up beside an Iraqi army convoy but resulted in only material damages, he noted.

This is the second attack by ISIS militants on the Peshmerga forces in Tuz Khurmatu this week. The militants also attacked the Kurdish forces in the village of Zarga on Saturday (May 13), killing two Peshmerga and wounding three others.

Tuz Khurmatu, located 180 km north of Baghdad, lies in an area of disputed territory between the Kurdish-administered north and southern regions under the central government, with an ethnically diverse population of Turkmen, Kurds and Arabs.

Image: Al-Jazeera

Article: NRT