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People of Mosul are determined to restore life to their city


Years of ISIS occupation and months of clashes in the Battle of Mosul have left the city devastated. Its residents are picking up the pieces.

Young people in Mosul have launched a campaign called “The $2 Campaign” with the aim of cooperating with local residents to assist in the reconstruction of the city. The campaign is calling for charitable people to donate just $2 to cover the costs of clearing the debris and rubble that has come to cover the streets of Mosul since the severe clashes that took place between ISIS militants and the Iraqi forces.

Those who have joined the campaign are working around 8 hours a day to remove the rubble lying in the streets and alleys of Mosul. The aim is to improve the conditions of the general infrastructure of the city so that people who were displaced from Mosul could return to their homes.

Those who are still displaced and living in IDP camps are express their desire to go back and live in the areas of Mosul that they inhabited before the destruction brought onto the city by ISIS. They are content with the work that is being done to improve infrastructure, however some basic services are still in need of more rehabilitation, for instance the provision of water and electricity.

Other groups are contributing to the general improvement to the infrastructure of Mosul. The local authorities in the city are cooperating with international organisations, such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNP), to rebuild and replant the city’s roundabouts and roads.

The UN has taken an active role in the general reconstruction of Mosul. Recently, representatives from the UN visited the city to discuss the issues of reconstruction and the return of displaced people with the local authorities.

One important aspect of Mosul’s infrastructure is its bridges, which were pummelled during the clashes with ISIS. Cooperation between the Iraqi Government and the World Bank has led to the reopening of some of the major bridges in the city.

Image: Aljazeera