People in Nineveh are still struggling to find jobs post-liberation

The people of Nineveh welcomed the full liberation of the province after ISIS elements were eliminated around a month ago. Nevertheless, the reconstruction of the province and rehabilitation of the economy and administrative offices are lagging behind.

ISIS itself caused extensive damage to the urban centres of Nineveh, especially during its ascendance in 2014 and during the clashes with the Iraqi Armed Forces. This has left infrastructure damaged and the authorities are currently finding it difficult to manage the chaos.

Civilians in Mosul complain about having to wait in endless queues to receive the necessary documents for obtaining jobs. In addition, people are being sent to different parts of the country to receive the papers required for job applications. There is a severe lack of officials in place to deal with the mass of requests made for employment.

This situation has left thousands of civilians jobless, which adds to the enormous list of problems that Nineveh province is already experiencing.

Thousands of civilians who have been displaced from Mosul during the battles to liberate the city have managed to return to their homes. However, those that return face uphill challenges to make their living and settle back into their lives.

Nevertheless, there are numerous efforts being undertaken to rejuvenate Mosul, the capital of Nineveh Province. Since the liberation of this iconic city, ordinary residents of Mosul have despite the odds, risen to restore life to their towns and cities by repairing the damage done and erasing the memory of the terrorists that took away their homes and inflicted so much suffering. Young Iraqis have taken it upon themselves to help restore life to their city.

Examples of this includes the students of the University of Mosul, where a group of 23 volunteers have come together to restore the University’s iconic library, which was home to the richest collection of books in the country. So far, the group has recovered 34,000 books. Another example includes students from the Institute of Art, who have taken steps to revive Mosul’s artistic heritage.

Civilians themselves are striving to reconstruct their city despite the lack of support from national and international organisations.

Efforts are still being focused on eliminating the ISIS threat throughout Iraq as the terrorist group is still operating, mainly in Anbar province. Most of the other regions have been freed of ISIS elements. The group’s latest most prominent stronghold, Hawija, was recently liberated by the Iraqi forces. The central Iraqi authorities are as of yet unable to concentrate all their efforts on the reconstruction of the country, which has been ravaged by the pillage caused by ISIS.

Image: Aljazeera