Mosul's youth live a life of anxiety in camps after fleeing ISIS

Young people forced to flee their homes in Mosul bemoan their situation in IDP camps outside the city.

Many detail their frustrations at the lack of basic services, such as oil and food provisions, and remain anxious about the state of their relatives who are still inside the city under the control of ISIS militants.

But despite the shortages and their anxieties, many are relieved to have left ISIS rule. “All their [ISIS’] concerns became about young people: ‘why are you inactive?'” explains one young man. “These are infidels and defectors, I couldn’t live with this. I left my family and I came here.”

Another IDP talks about how he was punished three times, the first simply because he was wearing improper clothing.

As the fighting in western Mosul continues, life is returning to those already liberated in the East without the restrictions and impositions placed on them. However, remnants of ISIS rule remain, including large scale destruction and the fear of over two years of inhumane and brutal rule.