Mosul resistance leader talks about the origins of the word 'M Resistance'

With the battle for Mosul approaching, resistance groups in the city are reportedly gaining support and increasing their activity. Recently, the group ‘M Resistance’, which stands for a diverse range of expressions – from Mosul and Mukawama [resistance] to Munahada [opposition] – according to a leader from the group, has assassinated several prominent ISIS leaders and tagged ISIS houses with the letter “M”.

The reemergence of ‘M Resistance’ and other resistance groups like ‘Kataib Mosul’ not only highlights the growing disconnect of life under ISIS in Mosul, but also signals the waning control of the militant group over the city’s residents. This comes a few days after the same leader highlighted that ISIS’s finances are diminishing significantly with the average wage for militants set at 125,000 Iraqi Dinars a month, or £2.80 per day.