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People of Mosul are repairing power networks themselves


The work to rebuild the infrastructure and revive public services in the city of Mosul has been taken up by skilled and determined locals.

Nine months of fighting in the city of Mosul has left hundreds of thousands of residents without the most basic public services. The entire city of Mosul has been without grid electricity since the liberation of the eastern side of the city in January last year.

The destruction, which stemmed from the intense fighting in the city was made worse by ISIS’ scorched earth policy. As ISIS began losing ground in the city, the militants actively destroyed the city’s key infrastructure such as roads, bridges, power generators and water systems. This policy was aimed at both slowing down the advances made by the Iraqi forces and making life near impossible for residents in the city and preventing displaced families returning to their homes.

This cruel and desperate tactic used by ISIS exacerbated the suffering of ordinary Moslawis, who already had to endure three years of terror and oppression under the group and nine months of constant war.

However, since the liberation of Mosul, the people of the city have been determined to bring life back to their hometown and continue to live a normal life. Many have volunteered to clean up the city and repair the destroyed infrastructure.

This work includes reviving the electricity system in Mosul, which has been down for more than a year. The Directorate of Maintenance has been working hard to fix the power network. The workers have so far restored and installed high voltage cables in a number of neighbourhoods and are working to install new transformers and thus restoring power for hundreds of families.

However, many of these workers are unsupported and have not been been paid in over four months. Despite this, they have put in the hard work to provide for their fellow citizens.

Meanwhile, other people in Mosul who were tired of waiting for the power to come back, have set about repairing their old generators so that they can power their homes and businesses. This is a testament to the resilience shown by the people of Mosul and their resolve to rebuild their city.