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Mosul Starts First Election Campaigning After Defeat of ISIS


The national elections in Iraq will take place in May and the candiadtes have launched their campaigns in Mosul, the former self-proclaimed capital of ISIS.

SULAIMANI — Campaigning for the upcoming Iraqi parliamentary election has started in eastern Mosul, the first election campaign since the liberation of the city from Islamic State (ISIS) militants.

NRT’s Rizgar Kochar said Iraqi candidates had started campaigning for the May 12 parliamentary election by distributing their posters on the streets of eastern Mosul.

Local authorities, however, will prevent campaigning in western Mosul, which has been devastated due to the campaign against ISIS.

Most of the eastern Mosul residents say they will cast their votes on May 12. They, however, believe no real change will occur in Mosul.

“I predict the issues will escalate. I don’t think a government will be formed until next year,” a resident in eastern Mosul told NRT.

Some residents says they have not decided whether they will cast their votes on the day, due to the fact that the same politicians selected themselves in the last elections.

“We don’t know we will cast our votes because we fear of the same faces winning the election” another resident told NRT.

There are nearly 30 entities and candidates competing for 31 seats in the Iraqi parliament from Mosul. In addition, three seats are set for Christians, Ezidis and Shabaks.

The NRT correspondent said the Kurdish parties have not sufficiently campaigned for the election in Mosul though there are Kurds living in the city.

Up to 2.281 million people have the right to cast votes during the Iraqi parliamentary election in Mosul, according to statistics provided by Iraq’s Independent High Electoral Commission. Nearly 70 percent of people have registered in the biometric system.

Image: Yahoo

Article: NRT