Mosul Inaugurates Third International Goods Festival Since Defeat of ISIS


After more than two years since the defeat of ISIS, the city of Mosul, once the capital of the so-called Islamic State, has held an international goods festival, exhibiting local and international items

Following the defeat of the so-called Islamic State in July 2017, the city of Mosul inaugurated the second international goods festival, which is featuring a variety of local and international products.

The aim of the festival is both to open up the market to local residents, and also showcase the growing security and openness of the city. The festival began on 22nd December and will last until 5th January.

Among those participating were more than 30 companies from Iraq, Egypt, India and Pakistan, featuring a variety of antiques, paintings, sculptures, furniture, foodstuffs, and clothes.

“Egyptian participation is great because we love participating in Iraqi exhibitions,” said one Egyptian participant. “This is the second time we come to Mosul and the number of Egyptians and Egyptian products have increased. Moreover, we have a product that is being manufactured in Iraq.”

It is hoped that the exhibition, which was held at the campus of the University of Mosul that has previously held such festivals, will attract further local, national and international investment into the city and the wider Nineveh Province.

“The Second International Exhibition has opened and it is a message of reassurance to all companies, countries, and investors that Mosul has returned healthy,” said one participant. “Today, Mosul is able to attract exhibitions.”

“Mosul is safe and has opened its doors to receive companies thanks to the security forces who are maintaining security in the city,” said another participant. “As for the festival, the offered goods are good and beautiful.”