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Mosul University celebrates its 51st anniversary and the return of its students


ISIS occupation prevented students from attending classes at the University of Mosul for almost 3 years, but the ousting of the terrorist group has brought new hope to students.

The University of Mosul, the central pillar of higher education in the capital of Nineveh province in Iraq, has been standing for 51 years. The years of ISIS occupation and the damage caused by the terrorist group to the University have not held it back from recovering and providing a space for students and teachers alike to continue with their educational endeavours.

The local people of Mosul organised a celebration to mark the occasion of the 51st anniversary of the establishment of the University. Market stalls were set up, songs were sung, and an exhibition bearing the pictures of the fighters who gave their lives to liberate the city  was organised.

Many of the University’s facilities have undergone refurbishment and rehabilitation thanks to the efforts of local volunteers and municipal support. Volunteers have helped to clear the rubble that was left behind by the destruction caused by ISIS. In addition, other educational institutions across Iraq have shown their support for the University of Mosul. For instance, the University of Kufa donated 9,000 books to the University of Mosul as a show of unity and resurgence following ISIS terror.

Thousands of students have returned to classes after a long break from their studies during the 3-year occupation of the city by ISIS. The terrorist group made every effort to curb and restrict young people’s education in Mosul by destroying educational institutions or inculcating them with their totalitarian ideology and indoctrinating young and impressionable students. It is for this reason that the celebration of the anniversary of the University of Mosul is of such great importance.

ISIS militants burned down a great proportion of the University. They used it as a weapons storage warehouse and would even manufacture their own chemical weapons inside.

The University is located in eastern Mosul, which was liberated a number of months before the western side of Mosul, so it has had more time to recover compared to other parts of the city.

Image: Al Jazeera