Morocco dismantles IS-linked terrorist cell

North Africa

Security forces arrested six suspected terrorists with links to terrorist cell dismantled earlier this month in Tangier, Meknes.

CASABLANCA – Moroccan security forces arrested Wednesday six suspected terrorists with links to the terrorist cell dismantled earlier this month, according to the Interior Ministry.

The Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) dismantled the terrorist cell in the northern city of Tangier with links to the Islamic State group and arrested the six suspects aged between 22 and 42.

BCIJ said that the six suspects had links to the terrorist cell which was dismantled on February 1 in Tangier and Meknes after being involved in inciting murder the IS bloody approach and intending to acquire expertise in manufacturing explosive devices

The search operation culminated in the seizure of knives, iron chains, military trousers, and electronic equipment.

Morocco was a victim of terror attacks in Casablanca in 2003 and Marrakech in 2011, which killed a total of 50 people and injured dozens.

In 2017, the BCIJ dismantled nine “terrorist structures” and “neutralized 186 suspected terrorists,” according to a recent report released by the local press. Since 2015, it has neutralized “49 structures that planned, according to the same source.

Image: Middle East Online

Article: Middle East Online