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Attention To Cases Of Missing Ezidis Flagging: Advocacy Organization


Ezidi activists say that there are around 3,000 Ezidis missing five years after ISIS militants attacked Sinjar. The activists say that the government is slowing its efforts to rescue them due to negligence.

With 2,907 Ezidis still missing five years after Islamic State (ISIS) militants attacked Sinjar district, an Ezidi advocacy group has warned of flagging attention from officials.

The Director of the Ezidi Rescue Center Hussein Qaidi said on Tuesday (August 20) that attempts to rescue the women and children who were kidnapped by ISIS is slowing due to negligence of their cases by the Iraqi security forces and the federal government officials.

Moreover, the government is not helping with the rehabilitation of those who have been recused or providing sufficient medical care, Qaidi added.

Ezidi activist Dilshad Salih said that the families of the victims are suffering psychologically and feel that government and the international community have abandoned their family members to their fate.

Thousands of Ezidi women and girls were raped, abducted, and sold into slavery by the Islamic State in August 2014 when the group attacked the Sinjar district, while men and boys were either systematically murdered or made to be forced laborers.

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Article: NRT