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Misrata Medical Centre opens

North Africa

The centre's opening provides much needed relief for people in Misrata, with dialysis, outpatient & emergency clinics available

Turkey has sent 15 technicians to install new hospital equipment in Misrata Medical Centre. Libyan technicians will receive training from their Turkish counterparts as will local doctors, Turkey’s Consul-General in Misrata, Sinan Yesildag, told the Libya Herald.

He was speaking at the side-lines of a ceremony to mark the hospital becoming Misrata’s official and main public medical centre. Another hospital has been closed since the 2011 revolution.

Today’s event was described as the “beginning of the completion of the hospital” by medical officials. Among those also attending were Presidency Council deputy Ahmed Maetig, the head of the nearby Italian military hospital, municipality councillors and representatives of the health ministry and World Health Organisation.

“The Libyan revolution continues with different means like peace and reconciliation,” said Yesildag.

“There is good news in Misrata. The airport, municipality, universities and all public bodies are protecting the soul of the revolution. They are now writing the history of Libya,” he added.

The medical centre is not completely open, with the dialysis, emergency and outpatient clinics the only departments fully working.

Two doctors said the surgery, neuro and orthopaedic departments were some of the area partially working.

They also said the Italian military hospital often sent over their own doctors if a specific operation or diagnosis was required.

Locals have claimed Misrata is the medical capital of Libya, with only two to three private clinics in 2012 compared to at least 12 now – and they are expanding.

Image: PC/GNA

Article: Libya Herald