First military academy for women opens in Manbij to fight ISIS in Syria

The military council of the city of Manbij and its countryside opened the first military academy for women in northern Syria, in order to fight ISIS in revenge for the injustice inflicted upon them. Many of these fighters have suffered greatly under ISIS and have been subjected to torture and humiliation.

One fighter explains her reasons for joining the fight against the group: “The reason I joined the Military Council of Manbij is the injustice of ISIS, as well as the crimes they committed (against us) such as pelting, beating and killing. They took my brother for over a year. Recently we heard that he was killed. They came to our house and told my father to give away his daughter so he can get back his son. This is the injustice of ISIS. Women of Manbij city were oppressed and the solution is to join the military Council of Manbij.”

In this context, Haval Rankin, a member of the military council of the city, says that the Academy has social dimensions and is not limited to the military dimension only. When joining the military forces, the women from the city of Manbij did so as a reaction to the reality that they experienced and the psychological affects they are suffering from.