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Manbij Civil Council continues to implement service projects


The civil council in the Syrian city of Manbij has been working to implement services in the city and its surrounding areas. Amongst these services is the opening of health clinics throughout the countryside.

In the Syrian city of Manbij in northern Syria, the Manbij Civil Council continues to implement projects which provide essential services to residents of the city. Amongst the work that the civil council is carrying out is the strengthening of the bridges, ferries, and roads in order to protect the infrastructure from the unstable winter weather.

“We are providing special services for the winter such as the renovation of bridges and ferries. Now, the weather is unstable as we see floods in neighbouring countries,” said Mohammed Khair al-Shiekh, the joint president of the executive council in Manbij. “We are preparing for these things by strengthening the existing bridges, repairing damaged bridges from previous floods, and building new ones.”

The civil council has also launched educational and medical projects, including the opening of several clinics on the city’s outskirts. In addition to the clinics, the health committee in the civil council has opened a kidney department and an x-ray laboratory in the Euphrates Hospital in Manbij, which allows residents to be treated in the city rather than being forced to find treatment elsewhere.

The city of Manbij has seen much developmental and reconstruction projects since the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) liberated the city from ISIS in August 2016.

Although tensions between the SDF and Turkey arose in June of this year, an agreement between Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, and US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, resulted in the coordinated retreat of the SDF, and the setting up of joint Turkish-US patrols in the city. As part of the agreement, the local councils, which were set up by the SDF were to be dissolved and replaced with Turkish-backed civil councils based on the local population.

Despite the change of hands and the political tensions between Turkey and the SDF, the civil councils in the city continue their work in providing services and rebuilding the city.