Part 1: Man flees ISIS death sentence to tell his story

Part 1 of this interview follows the story of Abu Muhummed, a resident of Mosul who managed to escape ISIS after being tortured and held by the group in one of their notorious detention facilities in the city centre.

“They told me ‘your brothers are apostates,’” said Abu Muhammed. “He blindfolded me and tied up my hands, put me in the back of the car and told me “I am going to kill you today, your brothers used to attack us.” After suffering electrocution and beating, he escaped from ISIS control and secretly travelled out of the city to be with his wife and children, who had escaped beforehand.

Abu Muhammed talks about how ISIS militants, particularly those from the Hisba – ISIS’s so-called religious police – would prosecute people as they pleased. Despite five months of torture and pain at the hands of the group, Abu Muhammed’s psychological scars can now begin to heal with the help of his family.