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Local police in Idlib educate residents about mines and explosives


"Death Packs" is a campaign launched by the Free Syrian Police across towns and cities in Idlib Province to warn locals about the dangers of mines and explosives

The Free Syrian Police in Idlib Province has launched a campaign entitled “Death Packs,” which aims to increase awareness among the local population about the dangers of mines and explosives.

In light of clashes in recent months between rebel groups and against Regime forces, remnant explosives have resulted in the deaths and injuries of numerous people. Late last week, three civilians, including a child, were killed after a landmine exploded underneath them around the village of Termanein, which is located in northern Idlib. The incident is one of many such cases recently.

“Idlib’s Free Police launched an awareness campaign called “Death Packs,” began Major Hammou, the director of the Free Syrian Police’s office in Hazarin, “to sensitize residents and citizens not to touch suspicious objects and to inspect cars and bicycles before driving them”.

Members of the Free Syrian Police have travelled around towns across Idlib, telling locals, children and labourers about what not to touch and where not to go. A special focus has also been placed on teaching children about these dangers, with officers placing leaflets in schools to prevent further deaths. In conjunction with these warnings, the officers have also warned locals about travelling at night.

“With regard to the current issue of the campaign carried out by the Free Police, it is beneficial to all spectrums of society, from children to the elderly,” said Mohammed al-Dayif, a local from the village of Has, which is located just east of Kafr Nabel. “Mines target all members of the community including children, cyclists, civilians, and the military without discrimination”.

The Free Syrian Police was created by General Adeeb al-Shallaf, a former officer in the Syrian army before defecting in the early stages of the war. The Police operate mostly in rebel-held parts of Idlib, Aleppo and Daraa, in southern Syria.

In recent months, Idlib has been plagued by inter-rebel clashes and airstrikes, which have contributed to increasing instability across the province.