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Libya: The Importance Of Women's Participation In Development

North Africa

A workshop entitled "There is no development with the participation of women" was held in the city of Benghazi in Libya to promote women's empowerment.

A seminar was held in the city of Benghazi to promote women’s participation in the public sphere in Libya. The seminar was held by the Libyan Organisation for Development and managed by Dr Jazia Shuaitir.

“I attended a dialogue session today entitled, “No development without the participation of women.” The session was organized by the Libyan Organisation for Development in a campaign to change the stereotypical image of Libyan women”, stated one female participant who attended the seminar.

The seminar was attended by female figures representing a number of human rights organisations. Men were also present in support of women’s efforts to contribute to civil, social, political and academic life in the country.

“This session was held to encourage the participation of women. In the seminar, a group of women learned about how to develop politically, scientifically, and professionally. The session was good and we have benefited a lot from Dr. Shuaitir who has a special presence”, commented another female participant.

Several initiatives of the like involving women and the push for their empowerment in Libyan society have been organised across the country by a variety of civil society organisations. In terms of facilitating women’s access to the public sphere, workshops to improve women’s employability and skills were organised in the city of Sirte.

For instance, the Peace-building Network, a Libyan NGO, organised a workshop in cooperation with the Collar Yasmine Organisation in the city of Derna to teach locals about the important role that women play in achieving national reconciliation throughout Libya. National reconciliation is a vital theme in Libya in the context of a civil war that has been raging for a number of years in the country.

Another organisation, the Nawah Forum, organised a 16-day campaign across Libya last year to spread awareness about violence against women.