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Activists in Libya campaign to eliminate torture in their country

North Africa

To mark the International Day In Support Of Victims Of Torture, the International Humanitarian Law Centre has organised a workshop to sensitise people to the traumas faced by victims of torture.

A conference and workshop were held in the Bab al-Bahr area of the Libya capital, Tripoli, with the aim of spreading awareness about the issue of torture in Libya. These events were organised within the framework of a national project to support victims of torture in the country. Part of the project is to document cases of torture across Libya.

Statistical data related to the issue of torture was presented at the conference by the International Humanitarian Law Centre. The data was collected by 30 researchers who visited individuals who had been subject to torture in detention cells. The data revealed that approximately 58% of respondents had suffered from physical and psychological harm.

“Through the monitoring process we conducted in the city of Khums and the discussions I had with my colleagues in other areas, I found out the extent of the pain suffered by these victims. Just communicating with those who have been detained or tortured is difficult because the victim lives in a difficult psychological state, they believe that they are being watched and that some people want to assault them again”, explained one of the researchers who participated in the project.

The torture of inmates in prisons across Libya is a widespread issue but little has been done to counter the trend. This campaign launched by the International Humanitarian Law Centre seeks to overturn this trend and assist those who are suffering from the physical and psychological effects of torture.

The torture of refugees and displaced persons in and from Libya has caught the attention of the international media and has been gaining more coverage than those who have been detained and subjected to human rights violations within Libya for political reasons.

Torture was also a practice used by ISIS in Libya to terrorise civilians, however the terrorist group has since lost influence in the country.