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Lebanon: Volunteers Provide Aid To Families In Need

Middle East

Volunteers in Lebanon are gathering basic necessities in order to distribute them to families in need at a time of a global pandemic.

A group of young volunteers who are part of the popular protest movement in Lebanon have already witnessed the economic consequences that the spread of the Coronavirus is having in the country.

Those whose work requires them to be outside are currently unable to earn a living as they are obliged to stay at home due to the measures introduced to curb the spread of the virus. The volunteers are working to find these families in need and to distribute aid to them.

“This is a youth initiative originating from the popular movement. We can see that the country is suffering and we want to provide assistance. People are in need more than ever because of the Coronavirus, as people are unable to leave their homes. If a taxi driver can’t go to work, how can he feed his family?” stated Mary Hatti, a volunteer and participant in the popular protest movement.

Those families in need are appreciative of the help they are receiving from the volunteers as they struggle to gain any income during this health crisis and see an absence of any government support.

“We appreciate any help we get. Some people do not work and there is no production or income. How can they feed their families? When May told me you were coming, I was very glad that you came at the right time. The house is deprived of everything”, expressed a father you received aid from the volunteers.

The popular protest movement in Lebanon has seen several instances of social initiatives launched by young volunteers to build bonds of solidarity. Up until now the aim of the protesters has been to cause radical changes to the political and economic system of country. However, efforts are now focused on tackling the Coronavirus pandemic and its side-effects.