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Lebanon's President Vows To See Through PM Nomination

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President Aoun of Lebanon pledges to confront anyone blocking reforms, including forensic audit of central bank and overhaul of power sector.

BEIRUT – Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun said on Wednesday he would shoulder his responsibility in designating a prime minister to form a new government that must enact reforms to help the country out of financial crisis.

In a televised speech, Aoun blamed other officials for blocking reforms including a forensic audit of the central bank and an overhaul of the power sector, but stopped short of naming anyone. He pledged to confront anyone who seeks to block reform.

Foreign donors have made clear there will be no aid unless the heavily indebted state launches steps to tackle entrenched waste and graft.

“Where are all the reforms? Where are all the clauses that were presented to the heads of (parliamentary) blocs and parties….but nothing was implemented?” he said.

“The silence of any official, and lack of cooperation in the forensic audit (of the central bank), prove he is a partner in corruption and waste,” he added.

Aoun is due to hold consultations on Thursday with parliamentarians to designate a prime minister who will seek to form a new government and address the country’s grave economic crisis.

Article: Middle East Online

Image: Middle East Online