Aid & Development

Kurdish NGO carries out projects for women and children in Afrin


This Kurdish NGO is working to implement a number of projects to build the capacity and potential of women and children in Afrin.

The Independent Kurdish Association of Syria, also known as “KKS”, has begun to implement projects aimed at safeguarding women and children that have been subject to the ill effects of war and displacement.

Services provided by the non-governmental organisation involve a variety of aspects. Psychological support constitutes an integral part of the programme as several women and children have experienced trauma and are currently in a state of post-traumatic stress as a result of war and displacement.

The programme also includes educational initiatives. For instance, the organisation is organising lessons for children who have remained illiterate as a result of the closure of many schools in the north of Syria over the past few years. This initiative also involves a psychological aspect as it seeks to eradicate the influence of violence as witnessed by many children over the course of the war in Syria, especially when the violence has been ideologically driven.

“We are currently working on a major project to eradicate illiteracy among children who left school due to the war and were influenced by it and were pushed towards violence”, said one of the officials running the KKS in Afrin.

The KKS has already organised festive events and parties for children. The organisation plans to organise cultural events in the future as well.

The KKS established its first branch in Afrin in July. It has other branches in Turkey that have been active for around 2 years already.

Civil society groups such as these have been supported by Turkey. Turkey, as well as the rebel groups it is supporting in northern Syria, are seeking to consolidate their control over Afrin after invading the region in March 2018, in what was named “Operation Olive Branch” and expelling the People’s Protection Units (YPG), as well as thousands of local residents, from those territories.