From Kobani to al-Raqqa: the story of twin sisters

AL-RAQQA- During the campaigns launched against IS mercenaries, there are many stories and heroisms that have not been mentioned so far. And the story of the twins Stêrk and Roj is one of these stories. The story of the twins that began in Kobanî has been ongoing till today in the fighting fronts against IS mercenaries in al-Raqqa.

The liberation campaign of al-Raqqa city which has entered  its 127th day continues at high-paced momentum. Now, the strong clashes between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters and IS mercenaries are ongoing in a number of the neighborhoods that are still occupied by the mercenaries. At the same time the special groups for liberating the civilians in the ranks of SDF continue liberating the civilians from the areas held by the mercenaries.

During these clashes Women Protection Units (YPJ) fighters’ smile has not left them because the fighters who joined these units aim at liberating the area and taking revenge on the mercenaries. Among those female fighters is the fighter Naeema Ali whose nom de guerre is Stêrk, and her twin sister Manifa Ali whose nom de guerre is Roj.

Naeema and her twin sister Manifa were born in Kobanî city, and because of their bad financial situation, their family had to go to Turkey to work. The family has stayed for 4 years in Turkey. During that time, the resistance of the century began in Kobanî. The two sisters tried many times to return to Kobanî and participate in the city’s liberation from IS mercenaries. As Kobanî city has been liberated, and people have returned to their homes, the family of Stêrk and Roj have also returned. And by the family’s return to Kobanî, the dream of the two sisters to see their city again and to join the ranks of YPJ was achieved.

As they joined the ranks of YPJ, Naeema adopted the name of Stêrk as her nom de guerre while Manifa adopted the name of Roj as her nom de guerre.

The fighter Stêrk and her twin who are participating in al-Raqqa liberation campaign now said “my twin sister and I joined the ranks of YPJ, and our purpose was to liberate our homeland, revenge for women and Kobanî. Now, we are fighting IS mercenaries on the fronts of al-Raqqa, and we advance day by day, and we would present al-Raqqa liberation to our people.”

Image: ANHA

Article: ANHA