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Centre in Kafr Yahmol, Idlib, trains displaced women in handicrafts


Women from Kafr Yahmol, in the Idlib Province of Syria, are learning new professions thanks to training provided by a local centre.

The civil conflict in the Idlib Province of Syria has in the main been fought by men and has thus led to the deaths of thousands of husbands and fathers. This has meant that many women have been left as widows, many of whom have also been subject to displacement as a result of the military fighting.

These widows who have been left alone, without any source of income or work, have been taken in by various non-governmental organisations and civil society groups in order to accommodate them and enable them to develop skills that they may use in the job market.

In the village of Kafr Yahmol, north of Idlib city, displaced women and widows have recently participated in an exhibition, during which they exhibited their handmade items, which they were taught to sew over a number of workshops.

“I am a widow and have 3 daughters. I came to the workshop when it was opened to teach sewing. I was a trainee and now I have become a tailor, and what I produce is being displayed at the exhibition. The concept of the exhibition was created by the trainer Alia Razouk when she offered training to widows and displaced women from the village in how to sew clothes”, said Rana Yasouf, a displaced woman in Kafr Yahmol.

The exhibition was organised by the Emerald Centre for Women’s Business. The workshops were arranged by the “Women’s Empowerment Office” in Kafr Yahmol.

Other similar projects to promote the role of women in rebel-held Idlib Province have been implemented over the past few months. For instance, the “Basmat al-Maar’at” project trains women on making dairy products and support them in obtaining the raw ingredients needed to begin their work. This includes providing financial support to kick-start the initiative along with 200 litres of milk for yoghurt and cheese production.

Other groups focus on providing charitable services to the most vulnerable women. This also includes individual efforts.