Jubouri: Security of citizens in restored areas no less important than confronting terrorism

BAGHDAD – Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Saleem al-Jubouri, said on Monday (December 4) that the security of the citizens in the restored areas is no less important than “confronting the terrorist organizations.”

He stressed the importance of the role of the Ministry of the Interior in maintaining security and stability within the cities and protecting citizens and preserving their property.

The media office of the parliament speaker said in a statement today that, Jubouri met with the Ministry of Interior, Minister Qassim al-Araji, and a number of security leaders. He reviewed the latest security situation, and ways to deal with breaches security and to achieve stability.

“The security of citizens in the liberated areas is no less important than confronting terrorism, which requires more vigilance in the face of any violation that affects the victories achieved by our security forces,” Jubouri said.

He stressed the importance of developing plans to reduce violations that threaten the lives of citizens and the security of the country.

He pointed out that the internal security forces have an important role in securing the restored areas and returning the displaced families to their cities by keeping a security file on them.

Image: NRT

Article: NRT