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Italy to reopen its consulate in Benghazi

North Africa

After years of closure, the Italian Government appears to have decided to finally reopen its consulate in the city of Benghazi.

Italy’s Adnkronos (Aki) news agency has quoted diplomatic sources implying the intention of the Italian government to reopen its consulate in Benghazi.

The decision was taken after the recent visit by Khalifa Haftar to Italy, on December 5, the news agency reported Thursday.

The Italian consulate in Benghazi was closed as a precautionary measure in 2013 following the shooting incident against the Italian consul Guido De Sanctis.

A number of Libyan officials of the eastern authorities have demanded on more than one occasion the Italian authorities to reopen their consulate in Benghazi to facilitate communication between the two sides.

Image: Libya Observer

Article: Libya Observer