ISIS torches Ibn al-Athir Hospital in Mosul

“Why did ISIS burn the hospital? Where will they go from God? What will they say to God on the Day of Resurrection?” This is the reaction of a Mosul resident after seeing the destruction inflicted upon the hospital by ISIS militants.

The Ibn al-Athir hospital in Mosul was one of the most important medical centres in the city. It reportedly served children and premature infants. It also served as one of the main medical centres treating leukemia. After retreating from the eastern side of Mosul, following the rapid advances made by Iraqi Security Forces, ISIS militants set fire to the hospital, rendering it unusable.

This is part of ISIS’ scorched earth policy, which has led to the destruction of several houses and important building and infrastructure in the eastern side of the city. On January 23rd, the 16th Division reported that ISIS set fire to a number of houses and cars in the north-eastern districts of al-Araby and Ar-Rashidya. The group also destroyed two water-pumping stations to deny services to neighbourhoods in the east. In addition to this, ISIS blew up the Mosul Hotel in the west, the second largest in the city after it was ousted from east Mosul by the Iraqi Security Forces.