ISIS names new leader after death of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi


ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in Syria's northwestern province of Idlib on Saturday 26th October 2019.

Extremist group ISIS has named its new leader, five days after the death of former head Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi in a US raid.

The group’s new spokesman Abu Hamza Al Qurayshi confirmed the appointment of Abu Ibrahim Al Hashimi Al Qurayshi on Thursday.

The announcement was made by an audio message posted to ISIS channels on encrypted messaging app Telegram.

The message said the “Shura Council of ISIS, after consultation, agreed to act upon Baghdadi’s will and pledge allegiance to Abu Ibrahim Al Hashimi Al Qurayshi,” said Rita Katz, Director of the SITE Intelligence Group.

Abu Hamza replaces Abu Hassan Al Muhajir as the group’s spokesman, who was killed by Kurdish fighters in a raid with US special forces.

Al Baghdadi killed himself using an explosive vest during a US operation in Barisha, Syria.

The audio message warned the US not to rejoice in the killing of its leadership, and claimed the group would continue to operate outside the Middle East.

Image: AFP

Article: The National