ISIS leaders killed in Mosul as Iraqi forces liberate key neighbourhoods

Iraqi Security Forces have maintained rapid progress in the fight to liberate western Mosul from ISIS control. Since the start of operations in the the city’s west, Iraqi forces have captured a number of districts, most recently New Mosul and al-Aghawat, and are steadily approaching the city centre.

Iraqi forces also announced recently the control of Shuhada, Sumoud and Resale neighbourhoods, in addition to killing a number of ISIS militants and foiling five car bombs. Forces towards the outskirts of the city are attempting to encircle ISIS in western Mosul, with the aim of besieging the group and forcing its surrender.

Iraqi Federal Police and Rapid Response Forces have also made advancements from the south of Mosul, recently capturing the Danadan and Dawasa neighborhoods, where the government complex is located.

ISIS counter attacks have been scarce as reports indicate that the terrorist group is focusing on defending territory under its control, rather than attempting to retake lost land from the Iraqi forces.

During battles in the east of Mosul, ISIS commonly launched fierce counter attacks on Iraqi forces and civilians after withdrawing from its territory. However, this has not been a significant tactic that the group has deployed in the western part of the city.