Senior ISIS Leader Killed Along With Four Aides In Hamrin


ISIS' so-called Wali of Hamrin, Muhammed Salman Dawd, was killed along with four aides in an airstrike conducted by the Iraqi Air Force, north of Baquba in Diyala Province.

The federal counterterrorism force said on Sunday (April 14) that it had killed Muhammad Salman Dawd, Islamic State’s (ISIS) so-called Wali of Hamrin, along with four of his aides in an airstrike northeast of Baquba.

“We conducted the operation after receiving accurate intelligence information from the Iraqi National Intelligence Service. Warplanes from the Iraqi Air Force and the US-led Coalition took part in the operation,” the statement read.

“He was killed along with four of his aides,” it added.

The Iraqi Army and the counterterrorism forces have been engaged in a coordinated push against Islamic State militants in Hamrin mountain range over the past week in response to an increase in ISIS activity in Diyala province and its suburbs.

Image: NRT

Article: NRT