Civilians stuck between ISIS and Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly al-Nusra Front) in southern Syria

Civilians from the northwest Daraa countryside are being forced to flee their homes due to ongoing infighting between Syrian opposition forces and ISIS shelling.

Dozens have been killed and injured, while thousands have been forced into displacement after the towns of Hitt and Jilin were attacked. The Zazoun valley has become a safe haven for those escaping the violence and a corridor for people to transport aid to people still trapped in the villages and outskirts of the valley.

Residents came under fire from random shelling between the Yarmouk Martyrs Faction which is linked to ISIS, along with Muthanna Movement on one hand against al-Nusra Front with the Southern Front on the other.

Local activists estimate that 2,000 families from the towns of Hitt, Tasil and Jilin fled towards Zazoun Valley and the towns of Tal Shahab, Ajami and Zazoun in the western countryside in light of harsh living conditions.

“We hope that this problem will end and the people will return to their homes,” said one civilian who had fled from the fighting. “This problem should be solved as soon as possible because of the harsh conditions. The people have suffered a lot and the weather is very cold. They have no clothes and no food. Hopefully this problem will be resolved as soon as possible.”