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ISIS Militants Leave A Generation Of Children To Face An Unknown Fate


Mothers of children born to ISIS militants say that their kids' fate is unknown because they remain without official birth certificates or identification cards.

Thousands of children left behind by Islamic State (ISIS) militants continue to live their lives not knowing what to expect in the future. Following the military defeat of ISIS in Iraq in December 2017, children fathered by ISIS militants were taken to special camps throughout the country, where they are separated from the rest of the IDPs. They remain in these camps without any forms of identification or education, leading many to fear that these kids will be taken advantage of by militants who will use these childrens’ grievances to radicalise them.

Um Karim, a grandmother who was forced to raise her grandchildren after their father joined ISIS, says that these kids deserve an education to prevent them from falling to the same trap that their father did.

“If they remain so without identities and education, they may face an unknown fate,” said Um Karim, who now lives in al-Jada’a Camp, south of Mosul. “We want them to learn so that they don’t do what their parents did.”

The children’s mother stated the lack of identification for children of ISIS militants means that she has no proof that these children are hers.

“My son does not have an identity, birth certificate or any proof that he is my son,” said these children’s mother.

According to some observers and experts, the longer it takes for the Iraqi Government to acknowledge these children and add them into the national register, the more problems that these children will face. These children, many of whom already face psychological issues due to the horrors that they witnessed and were forced to participate in under the militant group, will continue to pose security and social threats to the country unless they are dealt with properly and effectively.