Former ISIS captives describe their experiences in prison

In Mosul, former prisoners held by ISIS have spoken about their harrowing experiences in captivity. The two men interviewed recall the moments they were held in confined makeshift prison cells, interrogated and beaten by ISIS militants.

“Their [ISIS] treatment was not good,” said one of the former captives, who was imprisoned for a total of 30 days in two separate prisons. “They put three to four detainees in these 0.5m² rooms. They were overcrowded. They have no mercy.”

The ISIS victim goes on to explain the types of interrogation and torture he was subjected to: “Torturing for them [ISIS] was tying, hanging and then beating with plastic batons in addition to cables around the neck… they arrest you and tie you up until you lose your consciousness, and then after two or three days you recover.”

In sweeping operations of eastern Mosul, Iraqi Security Forces have uncovered makeshift prisons in neighborhood areas used by ISIS. These prisons are converted from residential dwellings and are unfit for holding large numbers of people.

Former captives have spoken about the poor conditions in the prisons, in addition to receiving lashes as a form of punishment. Smoking, watching television and using mobile phones are crimes worthy of imprisonment, according to ISIS’ oppressive laws.