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Security forces free Yazidi female from ISIS in Anbar


The Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) announced that they have freed one Yazidi women held by ISIS sleeper cell in a hideout in the Anbar Desert.

The Security Media Cell announced, on Thursday, freeing a Yazidi female from a hideout belonging to the Islamic State group in Anbar desert.

In a statement, the cell said that Iraqi intelligence forces freed a Yazidi female from the Islamic State’s grip. The female was imprisoned in one of the terrorist group’s hideouts in Anbar desert.

Earlier, Iraqi security forces stormed the hideout and killed 7 terrorists; the statement added.

It further explained that the operation was carried out based on accurate intelligence information from the Federal Police Directorate.

It is noteworthy that the IS militants have abused many Yazidi women after capturing their areas. Large number of Yazidi girls in Iraq allegedly raped by IS fighters have committed suicide.

The Islamic State militants treated the women they captured as sex slaves or spoils of war. Women and girls who convert to Islam are sold as brides, those who refuse to convert are tortured, raped and eventually murdered.

Image: Iraqi News

Article: Iraqi News