Iraq's displaced amount to 415,000 since start of Mosul battle

More than 415,000 Iraqis in the northern city of Mosul have been forced into displacement since the start of liberation operations to expel ISIS from its last stronghold in Iraq.

Some of those displaced from the west of Mosul have been transferred to the first, second, third and fourth Jeda’a camps as well as al-Narkasiliya, Hamam al-Alil, Hasan Sham, Qayyarah on route to the airport. Others have crossed the Tigris river to unite with their relatives in the east of the city.

“Our homes were destroyed and all our belongings were lost,” said one man who was fleeing his neighbourhood.

A a senior United Nations aid official in Iraq said recently that up to 320,000 more people could be displaced as clashes continue in the Old City of west Mosul. Humanitarian organisations are struggling to cope with the high demands of supporting displaced people as civilians continue to flee the fighting. In the city, the price of food and water has surged as the threat of disease outbreaks looms.

“We’ve been planning and preparing for the Mosul operation for months. But the truth is that the crisis is pushing all of us to our limits. We’re going to be doing the best we can to ensure the people who need assistance receive it.” said Ms. Grande, the Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq.